Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Assistant - OMSA
This section is for "Initial" OMSA Training Course Registrants only.

If you already have an OMSA Certificate and are registered for "Recertification", you will not need to take, or have access to take these online tests. If you are not already registered for the course you may register using the link below.

Initial OMSA Training Course Registrants:

You must register and pay for the course before taking any tests.  If you are not registered, please register using the link below. Once you register and pay for the "Initial" OMSA training course, you will be mailed a confirmation of registration packet with course information and your password to take the online tests. 

Once you have your password, you may take the online tests by selecting the OMSA course you are registered in from the choices below.
Winter 2014 Northern CA Spring 2014 Southern CA

Facebook Page - OMSA Training Course - Link to Join Group - Only for Registered Attendees