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It's CALAOMS Once Again

After much debate, and a little more than a year of using the DBA Oral & Facial Surgeons of California (OFSOC), the Board of Directors with the backing of the membership voted to stop using the DBA and go back to using its legal name, the California Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (CALAOMS.)  

The DBA (doing business as) of Oral & Facial Surgeons of California, was originally implemented to help with public awareness.  Much research showed that not only did the general public have a hard time pronouncing "Maxillofacial", most do not know what the word means. Although the word "Facial" is clearer for public perception, using the DBA of OFSOC had far reaching impact within the industry/profession as well as the state legislature.

The reuse of our legal name CALAOMS will be seen on all legal documents, correspondences, publications, and internet sites such as this one.  To make the transition smother, the use of will automatically be redirected to